Exploring the Rich Saga of the New York Historical Society


The New York Historical Society holds an unparalleled collection that embraces nearly four centuries of American history, incorporating the distinct narrative of New York and its significant role in national development. The core mission of this institution is to honestly explore the rich complexities of our shared past.

Roots of the New York Historical Society

Founded in 1804, the New York Historical Society is one of America’s pre-eminent cultural institutions. The society safeguards an extensive assemblage of historical artifacts, invaluable American works of art, plus unique manuscripts and photographs. As the oldest museum in New York City, it serves as an enduring testament to the profound transformations of the American society across centuries.

New York Historical Society: A Treasure Trove of American Art

The New York Historical Society possesses a vast collection of more than 1.6 million works that embody America’s cultural heritage. From deeply expressive portraits to remarkable landscapes, these artworks illuminate the fascinating evolution of American art. It also houses a collection of refurbished Tiffany lamps, a blend of artistry and craftsmanship that beautifully encapsulates the optimism of the 19th-century industrialization period.

Collection and Archives

The New York Historical Society covers every aspect of American history and offers a unique snapshot of life. Its extraordinary range of resources includes interactive digital history displays, such as “New York Rising”, that engage audiences dynamically with the pertinent themes of the past. The society also preserves a remarkable archive of documents, with over 3 million manuscripts, dating back to the founding of America.

Exhibitions and Programs

The exhibitions at the New York Historical Society are thoughtfully curated around the most impactful moments in American history. Additionally, the society runs a broad array of public programs, featuring discussions with notable authors, historians, and other influential figures. These sessions illuminate the historical context of contemporary political, social, and cultural issues, allowing attendees to create meaningful connections to the past.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan at the New York Historical Society

The society also incorporates the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, contributing significantly to education and enrichment. It provides a stimulating environment for children to explore history through engaging exhibits, workshops, and hands-on activities. This institution’s timeless commitment to inspiring the curiosity and creativity of young minds makes it an essential resource within the community.

New York Historical Society: Going Beyond the Museum

Today, the New York Historical Society extends its reach far beyond an ordinary museum, serving as an important research hub. It annually facilitates hundreds of researchers, including scholars, writers, and students, offering unprecedented access to its unique collections. Its wealth of scholarly works continues to cement its standing as an invaluable catalyst for research and learning.


The New York Historical Society encapsulates the dynamic, multilayered narrative of America, offering a deeply enriching and illuminating insight into our shared history. By exploring our past through its archives, exhibitions, and community programs, we can better shape our future. It is this principle that the New York Historical Society continues to uphold, championing education and learning as critical cornerstones of societal development.

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