10 Astonishing Facts About St. Joan of Arc’s Legacy


The world reveres St. Joan of Arc as France’s national heroine. Her brave spirit, unwavering faith, and her indomitable resolve continue to resonate across centuries, inspiring countless individuals. This piece delves into the fascinating life, trial, and the enduring St. Joan of Arc’s Legacy.

Joan of Arc’s Humble Beginnings

In Domrémy, France, 1412, St. Joan of Arc was born to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée, a peasant family of modest means. Despite her humble upbringing, Joan exhibited an exceptional degree of faith and devotion early on. The Hundred Years’ War that marked her childhood significantly influenced her future.

St. Joan of Arc's Legacy

The Divine Revelation to Joan

At just 13, Joan started having mystical visions. She asserted that Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret communicated with her, instructing her to aid Charles VII and liberate France from English control. This divine revelation sparked the onset of Joan’s extraordinary path.

Joan’s Impact on The Hundred Years’ War

Joan, despite her simple background and absence of military training, persuaded Charles VII about her heavenly mission. In 1429, she guided French forces to a crucial victory in the Battle of Orléans, swaying the Hundred Years’ War in France’s favor. Her strategic insights and charismatic leadership earned her admiration from allies and foes alike.

The Trial and Martyrdom of St. Joan

The Burgundians captured Joan in 1430 and sold her to the English. Her heresy trial had political undertones, with the English aiming to discredit Charles VII’s authority. Throughout her trial, under severe scrutiny and stress, Joan showcased remarkable resilience.

In 1431, the court found Joan guilty and executed her by burning at the stake. However, her martyrdom amplified her status as a symbol of French resistance.

St. Joan’s Ascension to Sainthood

Nearly five centuries post her demise, in 1920, Pope Benedict XV canonized Joan. Today, the Roman Catholic Church venerates St. Joan of Arc as a saint, and she remains a beacon of courage and faith.

Preserving St. Joan of Arc’s Legacy

Centuries later, St. Joan’s legacy endures. Various art forms such as literature, film, music, and theater have immortalized her life. Numerous books and movies depict her story, most notably in George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan” and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc.”


St. Joan of Arc’s life attests to the strength of faith and bravery. She faced overwhelming odds yet remained steadfast in her convictions, bravely battling for her nation. St. Joan continues to motivate people globally, reminding us that ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary deeds.

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